John Robinson B.A. (hons.)

Gamer, Graduate, Musician and Father.

Add Youtube playlists here.... I could also add a photo of my guitar?

A toe into a symphony

I have a great love of music. From a humble first couple of grades in Pianoforte, and the Theory of music, a certificate in vinyl mixing from college (where I cut my first compact disc), on to a deeper appreciation of music, coming from years of listening to the radio, and also most recently first Youtube music videos, and also the Amazon Prime playlists.

Stay tuned for a sample of my youtube music playlists of some of my favourite grime and pop music, from over the years. I have found music, like writing, to be both therapeutic, in my recovery. And by sharing with this, and listening to my favourites, hopefully you the listener, will be able to share, at least in a small way, with this escape?