A Patient in Time: Jojutsu

My second book chronicals my teasing in the world of martial arts. But also includes short stories, as well as a famous chapter on Ninja-beer! I will never forget that. This was also a time i was only dreaming being reunited with my then fiancee and daughter.

Fighting Madness

A ray of light shines down through the air. At the moment it is but dim, but just as the morning sun, rises across the dawn hour, so to faith and hope, provide pivotal roles, in which a castle is built.

A Journey through the Mountains

My fourth, and as yet final book, covers the period in which i was finishing my degree. And let's be honest, struggling. But the fact that i did graduate, pays testimony to hard work. As this book stands tribute of!


My history has been a troubled one. And this is accounted for, to an extent by my literature. Too factual to count as novels. And too fantastic to count as non-fiction, they hold a precious and something tempestous place between Bill Bryson and Stephen King. Hopefully the reader will find enough in here, to share these memories. But even if not, then they can still remain as a case study, of a growing man, in his journey through life.