About us


A small family unit. But we have come this far. And have a bright future ahead.

At present I live alone. My snoring as much as dictates this fact. But I still have contact every week. And this is a blessing.


An author, a gamer, a lover of music, both grime, rap and r&b. I am young enough to treasue what the future may hold. And old enough to know better.


I hope to reveal the sins of man, and open doors...

Whereas some authors, write pay check to check, for this author holds another perspective. Combining honesty, and imagination, crosses the field, to produce a unique, and somewhat illuminating perspective on the field. Even if i do say so myself!


The four books i have written can all be found on Amazon.


  • Jojo's Amazing Adventure: 100 short stories
  • A Patient in Time: Jojutsu
  • Fighting Madness
  • A journey through Mountains
  • Work in progress (working title Uber)...


A colourful stream of consiousness...

From breaking my neck in a road traffic accident 1997, starting writing at the break of the milenium, leaving home, in the year two thousand and one, through to my first admission to locked wards in 2005, bringing my family over from East Africa, and on to completing my degree with an impressive two: one, the author shares both a colourful, and at times graphic history. But he aims to write honestly, which can be both difficult, and revealing, alternating between the two.